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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Writer's Block

Okie, so its been 3 days since I've updated the blog. And there are loadsa things to write about too. Like my friend "purva" who is always sarcastic...my dog (since my comp is already done :P) mumbai local trains...tons of philosophy...MY fashion statements (i aint ritu berry but wat da heck) what is happening in mumbai presently, what song is topping the charts...my my i sound like Page 3!!!!

But right now...nothing...nothing seems to flow from my mind to the fingertips to the keyboard. *shudders* this uneasiness stems from the constant urge to yak. I am sure, this "writer's block" post will be pretty lengthy by itself. Coz that's the way it always. Even when I can't seem to pen anything...I pen something. People of my gen call it bullshitting your way through. Now look...I didn't say a word which makes sense- i mean actual sense...and here we are on the 13th line. And so I take pride on going on n on n on.....

So i'll stop here(supposed to have writer's block).

Till then. (there the post is done albeit crap but done)


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