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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Guys and Pink

wow...some of the most vehement responses i have got thankz to this blog of mine...But no, before you people misunderstand me...it isnt for my killer writing or my deep as still waters ideas :P but for the colour of my blog template.
"What is that colour???!!!????"
"ur blog is soo...sooo....PINK"(a constipated look along with it)
"yeah ur a gurl...so Pink is justifiable on your blog i suppose"(this was rakesh one of the more subdued reactions to the PINKNESS of my blog)

Now now guys...let me tell ya...my fav colour has always been shades of red...i read someplace RED is equated to PASSION(cocking one eyebrow and a lopsided grin). okie truth be told. I had a purple font on my yahoo messenger...and then there were people who would ask me "Are you a male or a female??" coz i always have had neutral profiles n ids...now THAT really rankled...( apparently me having an issue with it is still not dead and buried. I realise that now)

And no...my blog template ka colour has nothing to do with the messenger issue (SO WHY IN HELL AM I EVEN JUSTIFYING!!!!?????)

well people...Pink as it happens as someone told me recently is the colour of love and caring nature ( you believe that and...and....well...you are a sucker) And I dont expect all my guy friends to fall in love with my blog template...now my blog by itself is a different matter altogether.:P :P

I love pink.Period!!

Psst Psst: A guy in a pink pull-over can look real hot. Or maybe the guy I saw was gay coz as my bro pointed out" no guy in his right mind or umm right sexual prefernce would be even seen dead with THAT pullover on" (it was candy pink) But was real cute sight...sigh!!!!


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