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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

One year of blogdom

I thought, last year, this time.... that when i finish a year of my blog, my baby... id have a 100 comments, all applauding, congratulating, complimenting .... on one year of survival, one year of beautiful writing. *smiles* And here I am. One year old...

Frankly, after the initial euphoria of public appreciation had worn off, digression: i rembr being jealous of purva s blog getting more comments... ahh well it was just not possible was it? This space has meant so much more... and now, well it seems to be the case everytime i choose to sit down and add another page to elixir... and now this blog has really lived up to its name, albeit unconsciously given. A drop of elixir, a drop of me, every page, every post....

This isnt the speech or the post of the winner... as anyone who cares to read will realise my blog is surviving, just about... it isnt bout finishing a year of blogging with the only comments being advertisments.... this isnt bout anything else but plain me doing wat i do best, jabbering.... making a mountain outta a molehill. Something, over the time ive realised ive tuned into a fine art.

Ive missed you, ive missed this me and im missing all my blogmates, all my friends.
Yeah, thats wat prompted me to blog in the first place.
Just a simple realisation of people who have never deserted me, been a part of who i am at my lively highest or pathetic lowest....

There is this guy i kno. All i asked him was to give me acall. No big deal rite? Nope, no big deal. But id asked him to give me a call like 4 months ago, if not earlier..... And till date he hasnt called. He puts it to a faulty memory. I was shit pissed at him.
Half way through my rant i realised, there are soo darned many people whose calls i dont return, let alone call them in the first place.
And the person who really really deserves an accolade is Vipul. So much so that his sms goes sumthing like... " u think u can call me? im in accute financial crisis" And that is wat at the end of the day made me get up and call the idiot. This one is for you vips.
And for you purv, *aah this mite as well b a thanks giving blog* for incesstantly givin missed calls.
And for krish, for always calling at the wrong time...
And Ajay for taking my shit and discounting it.
And shounak, who never has time to call during the day and insists on calling at 3 in the nite *grins*
And Rohini, who almost never calls
And Suderman who makes sure im updated on the latest event of his life, whether i like it or not...
And for Vrushu, who has never and will never read this post. But who i kno will always be there, and the knowledge is enough to keep me assured.
And the special guy ive grown to know and love, for worrying your head off everytime i fail to call or message or mail. I love u Abir.
And Shubhra, my painfully lovely sister, who when not given enough time plops rite bside me and demands my time....

Boy this is growing to be one big mean post.... but wat do i do... i have sooo darned many great friends.... people id do anything for, people id even give my jewellery for, id say life but im too selfish to miss their company even for them *grins, and cries*

Oh and everyone o u lovely people who will leave a comment and well.... for u :D