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Monday, June 19, 2006

As you sow, so shall you weep!!

While i was writing the last post (ages ago) Id thought my blog would be more active, more alive and buzzing with my ever increasing knowledge and worldly know-how.
Alas, it wasnt meant to be.
Id thought my blog to be long dead.
Surprisingly, what they say isnt far from the truth. Actually... it aint surprising, Im just catching up a lil late on the fact or on the adage "As u sow, so shall you reap"

I sowed and i sowed and I sowed and i sooo sowed and how!! For the first 2 years of my blog's birth... it was more of me showing off my writing skills than anything else.
Then after a while, when it started becoming my personal space, it was more of an intrusion of my friends and family knowing i pour out my woes in this lil pink and brown space.
Then id stopped blogging and getting on with my life and the whole fiasco happened with my boss reading not so nice thing bout him.
How would you ask? It was me reaping what id sowed.*sheepish*
Anyways, nw after almost 2 years of my blogdom, im reaping and reaping and reaping some more.
*Elixir's Gyaan: saying REAPING again and againg makes it sound very weird*

So i have people scrapping me and messaging me saying they find my writing absodamnlutely amazing, which is nice and everything but the fact still remains that Im over that phase and I dont need need to be made to feel good bout my writing skills...

But! BUT!!! Iam not complaining *grins* you keep em coming, there is nothing like too much of a good thing
Sothen people!! Tell me i write amazing :D

PS: All nasty comparisons on my past writing and present writing will b deleted - by the order of the author.