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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pains for MBA

Come one come all....
Read one, and assume read all....
Shipra's blog isnt her personal space, personal diary anymore *well it wasnt one to begin with* it has become or is gonna become the space for the latest TOI editorial reviews. *making faces*

All this is for the fabled and revered MBA preparations. Like the millions in the herd, yours truely *made changes after the first comment* has also decided to make her miserable life useful n givingin to the peer, parents, boyfriend pressure enrolling in one of the top MBA preparatory institutes. No the enrollment was her own decision, but this blog post is coz A thinks I should pay attention to the daily news.

If that wasnt bad enough, Im to write the review o some sodding peoples lives and other peoples opinions on the same.
Something like the eds this morning talk about a million things in one page- which wouldnt b different from the rest of the days but just that im reading the editorials after well after since forever!!
Theres talks bout the blog n the apparent plagiarism, the fact that the entire Asia should have one currency to fight against the rising dominance o the dollar, the pak threateneing the indo-us nuclear someshit.
Look now I dont mean to be very nonchalant or unbothered about the whole matter, but will take me more than a week to get into the mode to appreciate the whole logic o trashing the country in one article and then talking about the brotherhood feelings shared in the very adjecent write up.
Frankly, I just read 4 articles and woh bhi uppar se... but give me some credit, Im trying...
I supps i didnt mention I woke up at 5 in the morning today to go to the damned gym!!!!!!!
This is for A specifically - I love you, but keeping this up, dono how long this will last, not the pain for MBA preparations but my love for u :P