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Sunday, October 09, 2005

And oh this world is beautiful again!!!!

How the fu*k is one supps to blog when he/she/it is cribbing...almost weak with hunger and the only thing that is keeping her alive is the french fries and juices she has.... huhhhh???
I am....fasting! For Navraatri... first time ever!!!! N boy do I miss food!!!
I always knew i am a foodie, that i love to hog, and mayb, just mayb i was a sow my last birth coz thats all i do even this birth *wink*

Was shit depressed. Last few months... and why you ask? No reason, or mayb coz im in love.... *grins again, this time looking like a monkey wid a banana in her hand- ahem no pun* Im not sure bout the reason, but it was like everything looked gloomy, pessimistic to the core... dready and sad... aah the emotionally challenged even told me it aint fun talking to me anymore *dep sigh* now like it is a compliment to say i entertain someone, but... aah wat da heck!!

Whatever the reason.... people... MY DEAR SWEET BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!
YOU ALL *increasing the length o my blog post - wink*

i supps birthdays tend to have the effect on you... oh yeah people... it was my birthday last weekend...oct 2.
I accept and thank everyone who * U BETTER* leave birthday wishes and loadsa love in my comment box.
Errmmm also.. 21 gifts tend to umm make a person happy bout stuff?? *grinning again! Oh darn i jus mite have lost it finally*
Friends, relatives, a gorgeous sister :D
it isnt everyday that u complete 21 years of exciting existing * i see i havent lost my touch of alliteration*

I think ive had enough written for today, pardon my enthusiasm dearies.... for this world is a beautiful place yet again * grinning n not even caring if rocky (the dog) looking suspicious and on guard for so much teeth*

And haan...will write bout the navraatri fasting in da nxt post...

psst psst: Wish me belated birthday *final grin n signing off*