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Friday, August 12, 2005

Bloody office politics!!!!!!!!


Id thought I wont blog, I thought id let this one rest. Working and living is becoming all the more difficult these days. All those people who said work aint a joke were not bloody whiners!!!! It was true!!!!!! It is fuqing difficult to work!!!!! It isn’t like my 2 months hiatus has been uneventful *which I had figured would be the case* and I have nothing to write about. These days I have got a frd I vent it out to. Not a friend really, I dono whr its going…neways that isn’t wat the post is bout.

Its bout fuqing office politics. Mine is not a very large giant of a company, it is small with its own set of people, nice people if you may…but recently its changed. There is poison and one upmanship all over the place, like a colleague-Rubal said negativity in the air. Now look here, tomorrow I am goin out on a holiday, its Saturday and is an official day off…but two of the bitches working wid me plan to go to work. WHY you ask??? To lick the shit outta my bosses ass!! That’s why.

I was always taught to work hard and let the results speak for emselves. Politics of any sort ive never been engaged in…I wont get into this shit too. There is this one new recruit who is the root cause. Stirring trouble all over the place…sucking up to the boss….
Yeah yeah I know wat the standard reply is…all of you have been there, done that and all I can do is watch my ass.
FU*K!!I feel like jus dissing the whole page away. Unnecessary complications in life. I admit ive hankerd after adventures in the past. Made washing jeans and gymming to be a big feat accomplished. N now I kno that people don’t blog when they are getting big feats accomplished. *MAN WAT CRAP M I WRITING ANYWAYS!!!!!*
It is spinning outta control, the work place. Well I think ill just let it. It isn’t my call anyways, it isn’t my prerogative to maintain harmony and “bhai chara” at work. Ill let my boss do the shit or not if he doesn’t wanna.

What I will do in the meantime I think is sit back and watch the play unfold. It also begins wid the subtlest of the hints, that sumthing is going outta balance and the balance needs to be restored. Just a feeling that something just isn’t right. And then the feeling gains ground and hardens into a full blown mess…it isn’t like it is messy already. But holds great promise of being shit messy. I dono y people do it anyways… mayb to hide our own insecurity, our own weaknesses. Happening in my firm. A new recruit is stirring trouble. Well neways…

Me going to Goa for the weekend tomorrow…will keep posting on the venom and the pain spreading around…for now need to work FROM HOME!!