A Drop Of Elixir ..........

Just enough to last a lifetime or enough to last the lifetime an eternity ...That again is a matter of opinion

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stand by me...

I aint starting with how long, how much, how far, how many, how many not... un huh! Nope...

Taking baby steps. Dildaara playing... loudly. Contented. Smiling.
Happy. Universe right side up.

Gonna make khichdi in sometime. Comfort food.
Hope everyone is happy, content or atleast at peace right now. during some rare, really rare moments, I feel I can make everything alright in the world. How much does it take anyway. A little prayer, a wide smile, a hug parhaps and everyone will be bright eyed, shiny nosed, springy steps

No, not gone bonkers, just plain content... bought a new desktop today :D
No laptop or blackberry can do what a good ol screen and keyboard can do, make me want to write my heart out on this little pink and brown page. Now playing, Senorita - zindagi na milegi dobara.
Hindi song fan. Wondering if all the gagas and beyonces can make your feet tap while dangling six inches from ground. I am sitting on a chair if you are wondering. Feeling silly now. The song has that effect on me. Dancing now, good and proper, legs jiggling, fingers snapping, shoulders - well whatever it is that you do with the shoulders while dancing.
Chammak Challo now...

:D Publishing before i lose my nerve