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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Fateful Night...

It’s a story of the time
When life was really a bore
Goodness and laughter littered the world
And life was sweet enough to be sore.

Life of simplicity and rustic
Rare as it was for anything new happening
As birth and death laced the cycle
The village folks for weeks kept chattering.

It wasn’t unnatural, no it wasn’t.
For days to be sweltering and nights to be no bother.
And the people, farmers they were
Worshipped the nature for it was their mother.

Time and days held no significance,
And generations really ran monotone,
When all that mattered was harvesting crop
And picking pebbles and stone.

Superstitions ran rampant.
Beliefs not uncommon.
But they were just stories they said, they admired
Over the years told by their gramps beside the fire.

The old and the wise looked on night,
At the sky that told them their future they pondered,
Was it the time really that,
The legend was to come true they wondered.

The stars were unnaturally bright
And the trees swayed wild.
And it was a rage on the land
And the sea could swallow a thousand and one child.

Yes it was time said the elders
To the mirth and amusement of the youth.
Stories told so long ago,
Indeed had a grain of truth.

It is a myth not a lore they said.
We are evolved now father.
Besides we live our lives modern now,
Enough to let the fact not be a bother.

But bother it should have, for the nature moved
With the finality that it disarmingly hurled
When it wrote of Armageddon
And the end of the world.

And it was the night that was decided
By those who controlled the natures flow.
For destiny needed it as much as mankind,
To bring humanity a huge blow.

The stars were unnaturally bright
And the trees swayed wild.
And it was a rage on the land
And the sea could swallow a thousand and one child.

Finally the earth settled, to a deadly silence.
The fateful night that eons would mourn.
And it was the night,
That people had denied existed,
The night when the devil was born.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


There is something about examinations and da stress that makes one do everything except study. I mean its jus one month left for the finals and all of a sudden, there is an insatiable urge to cram in every activity that you’ve needed to do in that academic year in that one month before the exam date. Im talking bout waking up at 2 to play the harmonium n practice singing, making candles, watching movies bak to back and da choice….psycho 1 n 2, Urban Legend, Terminator 1 2 and 3…don’t wanna go into that now, painting one wall of the room with harappan drawings like that in the film PREM starrign Tabu and Sanjay Kapoor, the Aati Nahi song. If you’ll dono wat im talking bout, then it is a major loss for all the bollywood lovers. That movie is a winner. *wink*id been to see Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and they were showing Prem. I watched that instead. Trust me I don’t regret it:P then reading Harry Potter and his escapades, dig out old phone numbers of friends who are not in touch…

Final semester exams frm the 25th of April. And does Shipraji have the timetable?? Nope. For that matter noone else does too, other than the fact that the first testing is to be done on the entrepreneurial skills…
So here it goes…good old class one istyle.
Date Day Subject Time
25/4/2005 Monday Entrepreneurship 3.00-5.00
26/4/2005 Tuesday Quantitative Analysis 3.00-5.00
and Statistics
27/4/2005 Wednesday Call up anna and ask
Okie so no timetable, so no study planning, theek hai, not all that bad!! But then do u have all da notes. Ummm…weelllll….*sheepish* when do u plan to have em?? Errrrr….ill go 2 coll sumday, ask sum1 to get em and photocopy em. N now shut up u conscience, im on a 2 day chutti from studying so don’t prick me!!!

But then I think when I don’t study, there is something or the other that happens. Like the ant biting my left eye, being down with bad tummy. Im my best when im not in motion. Bowels or otherwise. Papa decided Paani puri wud do sum good. It did. My stomach was stable but then it was my nose running. Snorting and paper towels. I don’t see why people around have to make a face when you blow your nose. I bet everyone does it when they think they r not being heard or seen. Now I wud love to go into detailed description of exactly how the entire process goes but then I think everyone knows, so ill jus stuff it.

But jokes apart. I think, exams, marks, internal assessment, sucking up to the co ordinator…they don’t really matter when we look at the big picture. I mean there is like a big bad world out there right. And it doesn’t really look at ur marks before ripping you apart do they?? So when you are gonna get fuckd anyways, why not have fun in the process, is what I have to say.
Mom: well if it really doesn’t matter, then y do they have marks on the resume??
Me: because that’s all the losers have to show for their life’s achievement!! That’s y.
Mom: ur crap again
Me: now look, y wud u wanna show ur SSC ka marks, when u have ur graduation marks already. So unless uve skippd a yr or sumthing, u obviously have passed ur secondary and higher secondary exams. *smirks at the superior display of intellect*
Mom: go study!!!!
Me: so it means that you showing ur marks jus because ur 10th was the only exam u scored real neat marks…blah blah blah…..

Aah I was talking bout the big picture. I AM an evolved human being. And such mundane things like exams n all, they don’t really matter to my higher state of living. I am beyond the moh maya of marks, aakhir marks kya hai?? Materialism hai!! Not like I take my marksheet when I reach nirvana. I take my spirit, my soul, my inner core, which does not have brain, which does not follow logic. Which fails to understand such harsh competition where your own classmates don’t give you their notes to copy or photocopy in the fear that you get better grades than they do. Bah. Guile and cheating wont take you far @ %$#^& (name withheld for author’s safety) good deed done today will demand another tomorrow.

I mean what losers!! Attending classes every single day *belch* copy copious amounts of notes…scribble like crazy. Beam at the professor when he calls out ur name for attendance. Beam otherwise too. Laugh at some dumb joke crackd by an oily sleazy professor who winks at u for every second line he says. Bitch bout a professor to another. Religiously lick the co ordinators ass, just so that he (luckily) remembers you when he is allotting marks outta da blue in the final week of exams.
A conversation with a fellow classmate, who is like a real bitch.
P@_@L : this is not fair!!!! U study jus a week before the exams, and you score ** and I study like two TWO whole months and I score jus 5 % more than you do.
Me: aah well…*smiles*

Now in fornt o her boyfriend who doesn’t wish to study sitting in the library but she drags him and makes him sit with her. Lol

P@_@L : this is not fair!!!! You kno (her boyfriend) ship studies jus a week before the exams, and she scores ** and I study for like two TWO whole months and I score jus 5 % more than she does. Not fair naa!!!! U also like that only…both of u.
*now this aint done lady, this aint done by a long shot!! U say that 2 me, its okie, u say that in front o ur guy, who happens to be a better friend than U are….nope, not done AT ALL* so what happens?? The bitchiness in shipra comes rears its pretty head.
Me: well, you see P@_@l, u kno studying doesn’t come easy to you. So your insecurity translates into frantic preps eons before exams. N moi *chilld out voice* I kno I can study and score well. I don’t really even need to prove it 2 anybody!!! Its like when you have something, you don’t have da urge to go search for it, capture it for yourself. You are confident in the fact that you can get it if u want to, but since u don’t wanna…y bother at al.
Lol, poor soul, but then she was asking for it. And when someone asks, thou shall not refuse says amma.
And wont amma be proud of her grand daughter now!!

So that’s that now. And I plan to dedicate the nxt two weeks to sincere studying. I mean these are the finals. The culmination of not just my year but my 15 years of education.
My last attempt at redeeming myself in front of my mommy, setting an example of being the eldest in the family and passing out wid ahem flying colours. showing p@_@l da stuff im made of. Making papa proud. And plain having sum geeky marks in my resume. So that I too can show I have no life outside books. Hehe.*wink*

Psst psst: me off blogging for a while. But wish me bestest o luck people. I really need it this time. More than ever!!!!!!
N now its Misty who brings her blog down...i jus dont get it!!!!*shakes head*

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Nothing Really...

Got bit by an Ant yesterday. So didn’t study. Didn’t complete the assignment problems but they were not asked to be submitted. Good thing I didn’t bother. Its still swollen. The bite. On the left eye, that I failed to mention. When I was asleep!!! Papa thinks it must be some poisonous insect. I think im better off thinking of it as a Red Ant.
Its said red ants are edible n good for your eyes. Yah rite. Good for my eye, it wont open completely- My Eye!!! Something alone the lines of carrots. Orange, orange…see da connection?? One has a black top; the other has a black bottom.


Got another stupid forward. But infact this isn’t a stupid steeuuupeed forward. It talked about what animal you are based on your birthday. And I am a monkey it says. Umm no not da animal but the attributes.
This is what it has to say:
If you are a Monkey: Very impatient and hyper!!! You want things to be done as quick as possible. At heart, you are quite simple and love if you are the center of attraction. That way, you people are unique. You would like to keep yourself safe from all the angles. Shall your name be dragged or featured in any sort of a controversy, you then go all panicky. Therefore, you take your precautions from the very beginning. When you foresee anything wrong, your sixth sense is what saves you from falling in traps. Quite a money minded bunch you people are!!
Im sooo darned tempted to defend myself. Aah what da heck I will. THIS IS MY SPACE!!
So I rattle: Impatient and hyper?? Guilty as charged.
But yes I am simple at heart. And who doesn’t like being a center o attention?? aah its attraction. Now that …umm…well….attention yes. Attraction…err wtf YES THAT TOO!!!!
Unique-DIG THAT!!!!!!*smug look* but that way??i wonder…
Sixth sense. Yeah true.
And which fool doesn’t like money tell me?? *defensive*


Learnt two new words last week. Look forward to using it in context as much as I can.
Dick Chick
Meaning: fantabulous
Pronunciation: jus as its written. Some times even “dHick Chick”
Usage: “oh yeh toh dhik chick plan hai be”, “dhik chick mazza aaya” etc etc.
Language: its free for all typesa lingos. But for excellent results to be used in Hindi.

Chance Pe Dance
Meaning: no no not dancing on every chance you get, but actually seizing the opportunity when it strikes.
Pronunciation: Precisely as it is written.
Usage: “When papa asks you if u need money, then chance pe dance marneka”- this will be a more sober usage of the phrase.
“Going on a date toh, chance pe dance” is the actual usage. But since the author neither goes on dates nor is allowed to use such sentence construction (semantics or connotation) at home or otherwise, she resorts to a more subdued former sentence types.

And hereby as I was telling divs, da divine thoughts lady that it is an each one (word) teach one (lessons in language) scene. Mom glares everytime I use either one in a sentence. Difficult but I manage.
Yet to test it in a regular normal world but im positive about the outcome.
There is more from where it comes.

What say people?? Liked it??*wink*

Psst Psst: this might be one of my shortest posts since sometime now. *blushing prettily at feat accomplished* I thought id let you all know- in case you didn’t realize

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Week That Was...

Like always, important snippets of information that i take for granted, are the ones that are misunderstood by all. The exams mentioned r my preliminary exams and not finals.
Monday- Exam: Entrepreneurship. 8 Am to 10 Am.
Question Paper distribution. Scan through the paper. Damn don’t have a clue wats what. Look around. Others in the same situation. Relief.
8.30 two of the classmates get up. Loo?? I wonder? Together?? My eyebrows raise. No they have the answer booklet in hand. Supervisor says u cant leave da hall within an hour of the commencement of the test. Hehe. They make faces. 15 more minutes of fidgeting and the supervisor has had it. She lets em off. Inspired with what happened, 2 more, gurls this time, leave. “Gosh… this is soo tempting” a fellow classmate.
Me thinks: Those papers r not gonna b corrected. Said my co ordinator. Why bother wasting all the resources?? Imagine how much trees we can save if we conserve the answer booklet for some other poor student But me being a rule abiding student guided by my principles and ideals decide ki NO!! I will finish the 8 paper booklet. Scribble nonsense I will!! But wont let the rest of the 7 pages blank. The first being the details of the students section. So dedicatedly and sincerely not to mention pain stakingly, I finish those 8 lengthy pages.
Its 9 30. Telepathy at work perhaps, purv n me look at each other at da same time. suggest we leave. Rohini, Dharmaraj Yudhistir ki chatti aulaad leaves the hall at 10 sharp.

Tuesday- Qunatitative Business Models aka Statistics 8Am to 10Am.
Me in a much relaxed frame of mind. Received news that professors for sure don’t correct these papers coz internal assessment marks are already submitted to the university.

Question paper given. Scans it. Bah. No clue whats what and this is the subject im supposedly done preparations for. A lil bit of copying AHEM mutual helping and im almost through. It’s a numbers paper. The whole world knows I suck at numbers. I leave at 9. Still 4 students from the class of 60 write ferociously as if their life depended upon it. Have this insane urge to laugh. But then killed that impulse.
Purv left too. So did half the class. Rohini sat thru. Not like she knows all the answers, more like she wanted to give the other 4 company coz they sure sat scribbling till 10. Took additional supplements too. Wasting resources and college funds. *rolling eyes*

Tuesday evening: all attempts at studying jus vanish in thin air poof no profanity jus an expression. jus giving up studying. Not a word is known for the next paper. And worse is no concern either.

Wednesday: Marketing Research 8Am to 10 Am(I dono y im posting the time. Heck.)
7 Am. Mumbai Local
frantically going thru sum photocopied notes. Almost doze off. But then lady sitting beside gives a discreet nudge.
7 45 Am Class Room
*hysterical*I have no clue PEOPLEEEEE I don’t know what im gonna write even the first 15 minutesssssssssssssssss*bawling by this time*
Consolations, empathies, hugs and assurances from all and condolences from those fanatic 4. And Im ready to face marketing Research head on.
8 Am
There is a mass giggle. I feel one with the class yet again. No one has a clue. I start scribbling. Hall ticket is being distributed. I tell myself I get this n im not entering the class ever again. Half of the students have not turned up anyways.
8 30 Am
Again the telepathy thing in play. Purv is getting restless. She wants to leave. But I know some stuff and wanna stick 2 my funda of somehow filling all 8 pages. Hazy letters in black n white swarm in front o my eyes. I wish id not nodded off in the train, id have remembrd more.
8 35
More frantic glances and fidgeting from purv. Ive had enough. She gets up. I leave my answer halfway. Too much movement and I lose my harmony and peace of writing papers-wink
We leave. A classmate wonders “HOW DID U GUYS LEAVE ITNA JALDI YAAR!!!!??” nothing more to write we say. Simple n true.

Thursday- 7 am: cell rings. Purv. Shit I overslept!!! Missed my exam. Momentary panic. That feeling of stomach dropping down to the knees. Weird how that feels even when you are lying on ur derriere. Then brain processes kick in. Doesn’t really matter. Complacent. Go to sleep again. Wake up when the sun had reached its zenith. Switched on the TV, switched on FB (for ppl who dono, FB is my comp-Frozen Beauty who is on her deathbed.) logged on to the net.
MY NET DOESN’T WORK!!!! It was sooo down, im talking 1000 bytes in 5 minutes here. Now THAT is low…even for FB it is!! I shrugged. Happens sumtimes. Turnd her off. No pun
went to take a shower. Came back masala tea coutesy Seema. Decided since ive missed half a day, might as well spend da entire day rejuvenate for further exam preparations.
Then turned FB on. (psst- I love that sentence!!!) loggd on to the net. Damn still nets down. Now I was queasy. I mean at the risk of tarnishing my oh-so-sexy image, my life by large revolves around FB and Internet. Im not saying I have no life, I do. Its jus that the world wide web features largely in it.

Watched some movies, caught up on kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.(he he cudnt resist that line!! Its soo nani type!!!!) Hogged... Went to sleep.
Woke up, maa was home. Oh if I didn’t mention, im an independent daughter of a working mother. *smug look*
Didn’t dare touch FB in front of her. Watched some more movies. Dinner time.
Again a vain attempt at net. Nope. Not ok yet.
Decided not to go the nxt day too. Was econometrics. The only thing in it I know is that it has one of the longest word I kno, homoscadasticity. Even oxford doesn’t have it in their word list. So im not responsible if I make a spelling mistake here. The other longest word I know is antidisestablishmentarianism. *display of high literary knowledge* : P
Spent the rest of the three days in almost the same fashion.

Psst Psst: even when,my net works...like now, people on messenger wont talk. Coz im supps to study. sigh.Now gonna go watch sum movie.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Talks OF Mind Bending The Spoon...

So there is this blatently good news that I have!!! And I cant seem to sit still coz o that. Some of you may say, pooh its just a cell phone. But for someone, like me, who takes pleasures in da small small things in life, cell phone, or any sorta communication device features big in the pleasure-giving-things list.

I lost my cell phone da other day. A forthnite ago actually. All my precious numbers, data, mail ids, reminders, alarm…all gone!!
Just like that. One moment it was there, the next it wasn’t. Like Houdini. And then people asked me the most obvious thing…HOW?? WHERE.?? Now now people, if I just knew how and where and not to mention the good old when…I wouldn’t lose it in the first place would I??
That what this one is all bout. Me trying to dig deep into the recesses of my brain and my heart and my mind and see, if what some say is really true and that the mind is capable of really making something disappear if it like really really wanted to.

I admit ive wanted a new cell phone since sometime now. And it aint like my existing or the one that existed was anything wrong with it. Just that I wanted a new and a better one. Don’t we all, I ask more to appease my conscience. Ofcourse we do, comes the reply. So here I was. Wanting a new and an improved phone, but no financial or economical independence…or parental for that matter. Not daring to even ask or broach the topic.
I come from a law abiding-parent respecting-disciplined-no-tantrums-no-help-from-maid-while-cleaning-rooms-or-washing-jeans kinda family *wink*

So finally when I lost my cell phone, I was not sure how should I react. I think I was numb. I wasn’t sure how I should react was because I didn’t really feel bad. Nope. But I felt I had to. *WARNING: now here my fundas are a lil screwd up, so no discussion on y I need to feel bad will be entertained* I just had to feel bad. Mayb it is me stereotyping feeling and emotions and that it is necessary that there should be appropriate reaction to an appropriate situation. Maybe like nirupa Roy types. Cry, when tragedy strikes, grin with joy when you find ur lost sons reference :Amar, Akbar, Anthony Proper emotion for proper circumstance. All systematically categorized.
But does Miss Shipra do that?? No she doesn’t. So not feeling even a twinge of sadness or remorse is alarming, or so me thinks. Again refer to the warning in the earlier paragraph.!! And so that was that. No guilt (admitted I couldn’t do anything, but its like those situations where you think on retrospect if it would have worked had you been a little more careful or studied a lil bit harder), no remorse or no standard response of crying like the other gurl in class did when she lost her cell phone. I was curiously detached. And silent as a dead mouse. That in itself was enough to arouse the curiosity of the entire class.

Dreading maybe, to come home. Pappa is chilled guy. He knows if its gone, its gone. Why fret. But my mom!!! Well lets just say she is more verbal when it comes to emoting. But then that day, even aye was silent on the issue. Resigned and accepting I guess. But do I dare ask for a new cell phone??

Almost a week passed. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I jus HAD TO ask.
Me: umm…ayee…..i was wondering….
Maa: hmm wondering what exactly? *wary look*
Me: now that I lost my cell phone…it really is kinda difficult u kno….
Maa: No, I cant imagine why? Ive been doing perfectly well without it till date.
Me: well yes ofcourse…but I was wondering…you wouldn’t really get me another one…err..would u??*hope filled eyes*
Maa: earn. *eh?* earn and buy your own.

In all this pappa is a silent spectator. The fact that papa didn’t say anything, is signal enough for the super smart shipra (notice the use of alliteration and how beautiful it sounds in the same sentence-err super sexy would also apply but it would be outta the context) to know that all will be well and that all is not lost yet. reference :the Alchemist Its all about reading the signs along the way.

And finally!!! Today when my sis got a newer model, I was sitting mumbling that it wasn’t really my fault that I lost it and that somethings are really beyond a persons control, papa decided he will get me a cell phone.
Trust me when I say this, it was really a very tough job not to get up and hug every body and dance like crazy and howl and shout “MY PAPA BESTEST” but it was the silent glare of a defeated mom that made me resist the urge. And so I had to settle for a grateful grin. I can really imagine how rocky-my dog feels like when he is given ice cream, grateful enough for the tongue to lol from side to side. Ofcourse he drools in the plate and I again resisted the urge, when we went to the mobile phones and accessories show room.

Now that’s the latest news. Soon I will have a new cell phone.
Reminds me of the adage, “When you want something real bad, the whole universe conspires for you to get it”

*wink*and yeah, now I think we can REALLY bend spoons with the power of our minds, or plain longings and unfulfilled desires.

Psst Psst: One of my fav bloggers, Man with no Name is thinking and talking of bringing the blog down!!! And im in denial!!!!!