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Friday, November 23, 2007

Dead Blog...

My Blog is dead.... my lovely blog is sooo dead!!
And so is FB and my friendship and may be just maybe my relationship with my fiance.

Maybe i like it this way. I always knew i had a streak of masochism in me... self pity gives me a kick like no grass can- not like ive never smoked grass (one of the many things i dont think ill ever do - i somehow link it to somekinda cool quotient) anyway!

Why am i blogging again...? I have no idea.
How long will the posts continue... Absolutely no idea...
An even basic question... will this post be published... "dont know dont know dont know..."

That seems to be my funda in life these days... Clueless

You might think ive had a fight with my guy. No, all this venting is BECAUSE i didnt fight with him. And good thing too. He accused me of having a problem if he has good health.
Lack of sleep, talking late in the night makes him catch cold, run a fever, have blood shot eyes.
And all the above keeps me just dandy... (being sarcastic jus in case my writing has lost touch)

Am i mad at him?? OH NO!!! I WOULDNT DARE!!!! coz that will lead to a fight, him apologising for not being able to give me enough time... same ol story.... so im being miss-g00dy-two-shoes which suits him fine, he can catch up on sleep, work, his folks,friends, his space and his time *someday i should write bout him...*

I dont know why am i ranting like a love starved puppy... coz i arent.
I just miss me... my friends... what I had with mr. fantasticonceuponatime
I miss this space.... and i miss all those who would read, sympathise, empathise or jus comment for the heck of it...

Its been so long... so darned long.... so long since ive been myself...
And i ve changed - and its too late to contemplate if its for the better or worse...
knowing me its the later.

This pink and brown space has been my mecca. My space... mine MINE!!!!!

You know after working in a corporate, where short forms are not allowed (your version of words that i.e) after being with a guy whos just too superior for you to ever catch up, firends who over a period of time have drifted apart and a million other firefighting events... I think one gains a perspective in life. Which is just as twisted and bizzare as when you started off - not with the perspection (is that a word??!?!) but with realization that there are more sophisticated and classy sounding words which when uttered brings out a light of respect in the listening party.

Talking about the perspective ive gained... That no one gives a rats ass to what you think, decide or do...
No one absodamnlutely no one cares! Unconditional love and all that bullshit aside, once you are actually into the whole thing and you put ur 100% into the matter, they all are the same.

Thats why i trust strangers, inanimate blogs.. Coz they have no reason to care. So they dont pretend they do. They listen to you and then forget and you are cool with it coz u know they dont care two hoots.

Its the ones who say they care who are dangerous. Coz it matters to you that they do and in the end it turns out they dont! And BOY DOES IT HURT!

I can say all this is assuming i have no one left to read this space. Imagine my horror when people i know will... at this particular point, im beyond caring. Not like i ever did.

Im babbling shit and i know it and... I DONT CARE!! Like my guy who says he loves me like no other. Like friends who are there but are too distant to be approached like my folks who affection stifles at times...

I am left alone, with my blog and FB who is dismantled but not complaining.
And the arrangement suits me just fine. *smiles*