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Friday, January 21, 2005

Nose Stuck In The Air

And so she walked with her nose stuck in the air...
Little did she know there was a ditch ahead
And even when she fell...
Her nose was still in the air...

Let me tell you people...being arrogant is no small feat. Okie agreed people tag u names like Haughty, Overbearing, Presumptous(took a peek at da dictionary) but then i think that is because they somewhere deep inside are kinda Jealous that you are arrogant and they can't be.

It is elegant. It is charismatic...it is Majestic even. We all know it is attention catching (is that a good thing...now that is a matter of opinion) It can make people be in awe and make you look standoffish. Now being standoffish makes people curious, again that is debatable but anything that can pique a person's curiousity is a good thing according to the author :P. It;s in the way you walk, like you own the whole damned world. The way you talk, like you are the best thing that happened to the "man"kind

My professor said the other day, which stuck and i find it beautiful, " A ballerina can't perform if she is modest" .Now I am not comparing myself with a ballerina. I would if I could, but I can't so I won't. But then I was like..."SO TRUE SO TRUE!!!!"

Being arrogant makes you feel...well...arrogant!! It can come in real handy. Like in trains...when you look at people with that how-dare-you-ask-me-to-shift look, you can be real comfortable all along the train journey. Am I being bitchy?? Ofcourse that too comes with being arrogant. Then again, when there are projects to be done, people don;t ask for your project coz they think you will snap their head off. This helps in keeping your project creative and non-duplicable. (of course if you do a copy-paste job coz you have a 24 hour net connection...then we aren't talkin about originality but hard work :P)
Arrogance can help you bullshit your way thru...this is different from the project thingy, this is the next phase. Like when there are project presentation, and you say something, the audience won;t ask ask you what you spoke about (ofcourse unless they know the answer themselves n ur wrong)

So you see, being arrogant and snobbish has its own virtues. It is not about status. It is about ATTITUDE!!! Some people can't carry it well. But like da lady (that's the word!!! LADY) who fell in the ditch earlier, who has her nose firmly in the air...you must have the attitude to carry it off. I do!! *grin* Or else you end up lookin like a wanna be.

There is a small disadvantage though. For people with a certain kind of disorder (we are talking about Smartasss here), it can make them antagonistic (wrt the audi in da presentation of project mentioned earlier). But the soluton is simple. Cut them down sizes. Brutally!!

So my style mantra...IF you have it flaunt it...if you dont then aah well....."L"!!!!!!!!!

psst psst: no offence intended!!(ofcourse im being formal)


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