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Monday, January 10, 2005

Being One Month Old!!!!

Hey people…I turned one month old…my BLOG turned one month old. And this one month has been super cool. And what this one month has taught me is…time sure moves veryyy fast. I didn’t even realize it was a month already.
Writing has always been easy. Expressing thoughts and verbalizing emotions. But this is a different kind of expression. One im getting addicted to. I admit blogging Is addictive…as is books and internet and gymming and telephone and people...

One successful month and at the end of it I don’t even need to coerce my friends to check out my blog * sheepish grin*

Okie…so here is the speech…
“I * sniff* am so glad to receive the honour of completing my one…yes people…ONE whole month of BLOGGING!!! *sob *And I will want to share this unforgettable moment with my maa *grin and a wave * who will be proud of the fact that her attention-deficit daughter could stick to one thing for one whole month!!! Mrs. Jose, my English teacher whose lessons in Grammar and Sentence construction has now come in handy and ofcourse BSNL for the wonderfully disgusting internet connection that I am stuck with. And who can forget FB….blah…. blah ….. and finally I too want WORLD PEACE!!!!( just saw miss congeniality)

alrite people, jokes apart, this has been real fun. Here’s to more blogging…!!!!



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