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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Versions And Illusions

I have a frd who’s a nature lover. he believes, and its true, that nature is perfect, be it right or be it wrong. it IS perfect in whatever it is. “nature has rules that don’t bend. in nature, other than human beings, everything follows a regular pattern. We as human beings live a life unrestricted and uncontrolled and thats why we see the versions. The versions r an illusion.” Is what he has to say. It might seem clichéd the way he puts it. I thought so too in da beginning. But here’s who really does believe in da fact that truth is right. There IS no versions, no different intensities in what is supposed to be right. Versions exist in the wrong. Says he.
He is a b/w kinda guy. No shades of grey in between. No tolerance for versions. No mercy kinda guy. The point here is there are black and white. As well as colors. i wish id known this when we were talking bout it. Lolz..i actually went 2 da encyclopedia to look up wat is da funda behind colors. Of course we are using the analogy here. Which I do understand. But I think colors come very close when we are talking about the reality of life. I do believe in colors. Different shades, different spectrum, different moods. AND different people having different opinion as to what is right and what is wrong. Circumstances, experiences, the upbringing, the place, the religion all colour the judgment of what is right and what is wrong. Also ideologies are also to be considered.
Co incidentally, white is all reflecting. It is not really a colour. N so is black. It absorbs all. I do know there is some relation here 2 the right/wrong funda but im not sure wat.
There are more colours than a human mind can comprehend. There is more truth than a mere mortal can decipher and so are more false...more wrong. If colours are not illusions, then so are not versions. And so there exist a variation a version on what is right and what is wrong. Lolz…rite now its kinda like my 10th grade maths class. Proper segmentation, step by step logic. In a very presentable form. There is this saying, there is always three versions of any thing: ur version, my version and the right version. So am I being contradictory here? No…im just reciting a phrase I read n liked. Or mayb im and m just not accept it.
How can we discard the theory that there can be versions of right just as there can be versions of wrong. Here always when im writing in the word, right..i invariable write in “truth”. I wonder if there is any connection or is it just da human brain which associates the most commonly associated word like truth=right. No no it’s the oder way round. Right=truth…or sumthing like that…
Phew…thinking is really difficult.
Its like that thing…its just within ur reach, and when u crawl that extra inch..it slithers away. Like a dream and memory. The harder u try 2 grasp, the smokier it gets.


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