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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Opinion...Judgement...or I think...??

THE BACKGROUND: A frd and I were surfing through the net the other day and stumbled upon a personality test on http://onlythewayiseeit.blogspot.com/ we individually gave the test n the results were pretty amazing...they test u on ur extrovertness as against being an introvert, feelings against thinking, intution or sensing and last but not in the least percieving against judging...now this is where things start getting interesting.
THE ISSUE : PERCIEVING AGAINST JUDGING....we all kno im a lil opinionated(modest :P) so then we sat to discuss bout how much of opinion is judging and the difference and when does "i think" come in the picture.
Now a few points that came up : judgement can b different from opinion...as in judging is when we bring our code of conduct and ethics to the issue...like..." i dont like that style of dressing" is opinion and "that style is so wrong for her..." is judging. another thought was judging and opinion and biases are the same. yet another input was opinions are fixed and dont change...what expresses our likes and dislikes are our thoughts which can and may change over a period of time...
since different words have different intensity and interpretation for different people...the discussion did not come to a concrete end. however i THINK ;) it was pretty nice and insightful to know and realise on how loosely and interchangably we use words and dont realise the effect it might have on the other person.
what is your opinion??


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