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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Goof Up Queen...!!!!

this is like the best way of advertising for my newly started blog...!!! and aah wat a way. and anyways this happened this noon. so chances are most probably you are one of the people who are a part of my mailing list.
the "hi5" networking thing...i swear to God it aint my fault. his time it isnt...i got an invite from a friend to join "hi5" networking group and it must be my goof up session time because i just pressed some tab and the next thing i know ...i get a mail saying "shipra has invited you to join hi5". now imagine having ur college professors in ur mailing list...and then being a part of 5 online forums...ALL TO WHOM THIS MAIL INVITE IS GONE.!!!!!!!!! now im gettin acceptance mails which are like tonnes in number!!! AND... im being added to the yahoo messenger list of God alone knows how many strangers ....
so people...if u have got an invite ...jus dont accept it...[ invite gone to prof. mukkadam and Rahul shah and venkatesh too!!! :( ]


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