A Drop Of Elixir ..........

Just enough to last a lifetime or enough to last the lifetime an eternity ...That again is a matter of opinion

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Care for a Drop Of Elixir...??

y a drop of elixir??? other than the fact that it sounds very classy...it is kinda my life in a phrase...i aint getting philosophical. jus sassy :P. well the thing is i'd love to dish out smart profound philosophical verses ( during some moments i do too...well its a lunar thing) but then im a normal girl in a very normal environment and normal things happen to me...which i again romanticise and blow it into larger than life images...so then why blogging u would ask...because its something i want to do and see if i like it ( with my penchant for lengthy monologues--mostly sided from me im sure id like it).
so again, a drop of elixir i found out is a cure for all ailments...alchemists go hunt it out-- the philosophers stone because it turns metal into gold. mystic, exotic, fuelling fantasy types. and just a drop--look at that!!! lolz...sounds like ujala ad the "bas ek boond??!!"
well the phrase signifying my life because i always want something...real bad...and when i get it, im not sure i want it anymore. so the analogy goes like this...though the prospect of an eternity is a veryyy enticing one once it is actually offered to you i bet you are in a fix if you should actually take a sip of the nectar. so even if it is what you want, you are not sure if you want it and have it forever.i read someplace..."its like asking djinn for a wish. though you have the wish fulfilled and get what you want but somehow its not how you visualised things"
co incidentally...a drop of elixir fell in the river Kshipra in ujjain during Amrit Manthan....just a piece of hindu mythology


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