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Thursday, December 23, 2004

MOOD I---My Last Year of College Festivals

Went to Mood Indigo 2004 aaj...n man it RAWKED!!!!!! and as usual Miss Shipra Nayak had a ball of a time...along with Purva n Rohini. first we started off with the "POSEIDON Adventure" thats entertainment Quiz for u...( i read it in da brochureof logistics :P) there we had a blast. We thought it would be some english and some hindi stuff and can sail through (purva is hindi filum buff). but alas...with IIT...we SHOULD have expected a twist...it was ROCK HARD CORE!!! n umm..lets say we dont listen much to it. and so...we goofed up. BIG TIME!! n had a gala time doing it...some of the Qs n OUR versions of the answers..(public demand hai :P)
Q: a peom by Greg corso it went...first voice hey,man._____ is dead they got his horn locked up sumwhr put his horn in a corner sumwhr like whrs the horn man where?? then second voice.... screw da horn like where's ____??
A: BULL, COW resp.
Q:Mick Jager fiercely objected to Bebe Buell's liason with _____. "what do u want with the fake Mick," Jagger asked her once, "when u've got the real one?" fill in the blank
A: Mick Jagger look alike..we supps it was obvious!!!???
Q:Whas common in the following songs: Jerry Lee Lewis "great Balls of Fire", Bary McGuire ""Eve of Destruction", Steve Miller "Jet Airliner" and Tom Petty "Free Fallin"
A: We haven't heard of any!!!
these were some of the many bombshells we dropped on the IITians :P. we even thought of dropping in our email ids...if not for da first prize...da BRAINY STUDS OF IIT can contact us for hamara sense of humour.

then from there we went to see the Extempore which let me tell u SUCKED!!! BIG TIME!!!! then we went saw some Marathi Mono Acting and then a couple of Ball Room Dancing. The Marathi thing was super cool. Ballroom thing was okie.
AND THEN!!!!! the highlight of the day!!! NAGESH KUKUNOOR AND AARIF ZAKARIA debating on the issues facing the Indian Cinema like the IPR and originalityand the rip off from films abroad. Frankly half the time i was staring at him rather than hear what he was saying....im only human. but what he siad was real neat. i even copied down some of his thoughts. would write up on it sometime later perhaps. Aarif wasnt speaking much...NAGESH HAD THE LIMELIGHT.He said, "As a film maker, all i have to give to the audience is my Originality...and if i cheat on that too..." Among all that he said, this is what i liked the most and things cant get more fundamental than this. Either ways...I have found my latest love...YES PEOPLE its Nagesh( blushing) :P
then there was a small session dedicated to the evergreen songs by Mohd. Rafi and Kishore Kumar.Te singers made goose bumps stand on our arms...Coffee, Kishore Kumar and U...do u need anything else to get a high?? NAAH!!!!!!!
And then we had some famous Maggi Bonda some iced tea and came home...ready to go for the finals ....

Psst psst: Unlike popular beliefs...IITians dont have horns...i double checked ;)


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