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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

BRB...3 letters n god wat a chaos

well now we all r humans right...n we forget to say ILL BE RIGHT BACK when we r engrossd in something serious...right??? (jus nod ur head...huh) well i did da same thing...i forgot to tell a frd im working n ill pm him later...okie da end result was no pleasant. he was waitin for my reply for 20 minutes...
now da most obvious thing to do is buzz me or sumthing rite. a frd RAVI suggestd jus apologise and close the issue. that id have done to if it were jus a one time occurance...(sheepish) so then, now i have to write a mail to him saying im sorry and I TRUELY AM..not for the "brb" thing...but for him waiting for 20 mins.
so i say...if a person is a lil...umm...absentminded bout saying BRB n da person happens to be a friend...cant u make allowances or try and understand and not b huffy bout the whole matter...?? i aint being insensitive...just matter of fact. i bet this happens lotsa times with everybody virtual or otherwise...(or is it just me??!!??)


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