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Friday, December 24, 2004

Mood I the last day...

Well , for a very neat and noisy two days...the Final Day left a lot to be desired. it was pretty boring as compared to the other two days. the culmination of Mood I--at least as much as i saw wasnt such a gala event. coz yest we were back very late,we went late aaj. good thing. in retrospect i think we shouldnt have bothered.
Reached IIT for the "Creative Writing" competition. it was a beaut. too bad we didnt wait up for the results...coz i think WE MITE have a chance for da first 3 (wistful thinking). then we went for some workshop on Hairstyling By JAVED HABIB...it SUCKED!!! it was a major disaster. The Crowd was expecting Mr. Habib himself but came his two assistants. (they couldnt speak hindi and their idea o hair olour wasnt the same as the audience) well the issue wasnt them not speaking english but the disaster they had created on the volunteers' hair. but some smartass from NIFT (a volunteer) decided to take matters in HER --didnt i mention it was a sassy gurl??--take matters in her hand!! n boy things got from bad to worse...
then we went to check out the informals and then the fashion show...n we got tired. so we came bak.BTW...the creative writing thing...HERE GOES (the winner ;))
we had to make a prose or a poem from the verses given...there were two...and thr was a picture that was the central theme of the piece. THE PICTURE: the silhouette of a nude woman threading the water. and the verse we chose was,
" I have fled from all and none can now
My way my wanderings see
The waters wildly around me flow
I feel that i am free..."

Hamara write up (hamara as in purva n me)
"Tujse Naaraz nahi Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Main....Hairaan Hoon Main...."
Applause...my classmates, my acquaintances...my friends...The crowd filing out. The Degree in my hand--the open gate...But is THAT the world i want to go to?? Life has always been smooth...But im not content. What have i got? What have i lived? I want more...I want more with life!!!
And that was my moment of truth. Things were always the same but i have changed. (laugh) It was always simmering...ready to come out one day (smile) my restlessness, my want of more. More from me and from my life...My spirit needs more...
I realised i have to fall to be free. i was standing on the brink, the precipite!!!i dont know if it was one of the NOW-Or-NEVER things...That is life isnt it...:) i owed it to myself. I owe it to myself. i had to take the fall. I will take the fall. And...
And....And...!!! I was free. Free!!! It is heady, liberating...exhilerating...ecstasy!!! ...like one feels when the cloud is lifting and the sun shines...??!!! everything is the same yet different. :).
I have fled from all and none can now...
my way my wandering see
The waters wildly around me flow...I feel that i am free
I am not a vagabond...but i wont choose my destiny
I am going to live my life...and :) that life is gonna be... ME!!!

P.s :Second last line is mine...n da last is purva's


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