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Friday, March 11, 2005

FB is dying.

FB, Frozen Beauty is dying. Almost on her death bed.

should have recognized the signs early on. Her wheezing and sneezing. Her constant freezing. And i thought she was down with cold or something. She is aligned along the window and it gets real cold. But then the visits got frequent. My compwala's. First it was every 6 months, then it was every couple o months, then we decided to get babe. More on history bout babe n FB's rivalry here. Well, even then FB held her own.

i guess the competition is too much for her these days. But then no one compares em these days. Its like owning children, two of em. No comparison. Each one is beautiful in her own right. But then with FB, im partial. Right from when babe was brought. After all, FB lives with me, in my own room, sharing my joy, my happiness, my days, my memories...everything.

So i was talking bout her symptoms of illness. Being slow. Everyone attributed it to her old age. Like i said in da earlier post, she is SIX years old. Seven Running now. Then my tech savvy friends offered help and suggestions and tips on how to make her work faster and all. Did work for some days i admit. Then started the freezing phase. That is how FB came into being. The name. Till then babe wasnt in the picture. Then more freezing, more driver failures, more headaches, more phonecalls to the compwala....

Then babe happened. Then rest as they say is history.

Even then i was loyal to FB. I had made my decision, my choice. FB loyalty does count for sumthing. These days, its getting worse. Was getting worse rather. Alarm set in when one day when i turned her on and then did some work in word, loggd on to the net, realising some of the applications like the yahoo, wares, time n date stuff didnt load. Umm it wasnt as alarming really but more like a realisation to what was happening. Was kaam chalau. Wasnt so scary.

The day before, she started in Safe mode. Me thought, it was one of the normal recurring phenomenon. Didnt think much about it. Did what was the required process and then rebooted.
TRING TRING!!!!! Alarm ringing loud and clear.

Some intructions..
*not so calm anymore*
Read em in haste...maybe even followed em.
try the rite clik and da properties, NOTHING...try the control panel shit. *so I DO KNOW about computers unlike purv...whos a techietard*

calls to Compwala, cell outta reach. *cussing...dissing*

log on to the net. frantically talking to all the so called tech guys *rolling eyes*
" mayb ur fan's bummed" "try rebooting again...press the F8 key all the while, select the first option when it comes" "did u try kicking her??" "me charging u 100 buck each word i utter"
*shrug* fate. screw em all. Doing stuff in 640 x sum resolution. 16 colour bit shit.

Yesterday finally got through the stupid compguy. He came over Ghar pe aaj.
Said the video driver "udd gaya hai"
*eyes widen*
"nahi nahi, it wont cost u anything"
like me gonna give u a single paise. BAH

Hes taken her to format her now.

Psst Psst: i dont think she is gonna survive the latest onslaught. Admitted have babe. But she aint like FB. If she dies, people, me mourning her death and gonna not blog for a week as a mark of my respect for her. And that folks... is sayin something.


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