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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wishlist : I Need...

I need pain to know I am not numb yet.
I need people to know I am not alone yet
I need colours to know im not blind yet
I need love to know im there yet.

I need rain to know I am cleansed
I need sun to know there exists tomorrow.
I need wind to caress my face,
And the surety of permanence.

I need my own prince charming,
I need impish eared elves,
I need a tower in the exotic lands I dream of
I need a glass slipper to believe yet.

I need that little brook
Where I talk to my butterfly,
And see that there is depth,
But seems so shallow yet.

I need the world at my feet,
Just so that I can tiptoe and say im sensitive
But when my chest fills with arrogance
I need that pinch of the stray thorn.

I need expressions like a lifeline,
I need words to come to my defence,
I need beautifully strung lines,
And I need the meaning to creep in yet.

I need enchantment to know I am not jaded yet
I need impulse to create magic.
I need wonder and shining eyes,
I need to know I can cause that.

I need the memory of a frozen moment,
And the eternity it wraps,
I need faith to survive
I need love to live yet.


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