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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Seeing Om

No, Om is not some hunky guy I spent my V day with…he is not even some cute guy paying the rickshaw fare…In fact there was no guy in the picture. Hunky or otherwise.

Two guys …my friends actually,
Them: So then ships, whos da lucky one to be your valentine??
Me: umm no 1 as yet. This is at 5 00 in the evening when I was on my way home
Them : What??!!! NO ONE??!!!!?? WAT IS HAPPENING!!!!????
Me: well if u are so darned concerned bout me having a good day y don’t U do the honours…No, no1. Guys r getting dumber I suppose…*sad smile which makes me look like im in acute pain*
Even my best friend didn’t or rather couldn’t, “ask me out” for coffee or sum shit ( no pun) coz he’d got classes till 7 and then was way too tired to even bother…sigh…u cant even rely on ur close friend to make a day special…

Ofcoure we spent da day at purva’s. Rohini (da silent one among us trio) purv n me. We watched Da Amazing Race coz we had missed da finale last evening. That brings me back to seeing Om.

She(purva) has this frame hung in her living room with some optical illusion. Just a printed fabric with some psychedelic stuff. Looks like a non descript thing really. Said if you stare at it, concentrate really hard, you see Om. First its just a big symbol but then as you concentrate harder…you see it surrounded by a ring…further…it seems like the picture is hanging in space. Then when you are at the peak of your focus, you see tiny Oms surrounding the Big OM.

How do I know? Did I see the entire thing?? Heck no. I think I saw the whole universe instead. It was like Yashoda seeing the Brahmand in Krishna’s mouth. I saw a child in da womb, a banana, some flower, a wave of sorts…a nose, eyes….aah well da last two were my reflection in the glass frame…but just no Om!!! 5 minutes. Random images. 7 minutes…purva’s mom and dadi come see what is happening. 10 minutes…I am getting restless and irritated. 12 minutes…the others are having fun.
First jus unfocus, ships…then slowwwwwly sharpen the image into focus. Do you see??!!!??” –purva NNHO I DON’T SEE!!!!!!!
now we are soo used to the pic, it doesn’t even take 10 seconds for us to spot the entire thing”-purva’s maid. AAH WELL THANKZ A TON!!!!!

Finally…I just gave up. “You need concentration ship, concentration!!!”

Which takes me back few more days…”What are you thinking??”- My music teacher. And it is fairly easy to catch me when im dreaming bout ...er..ahem…tuning into the cosmos…coz my voice turns nasal and my fingers skip keys on the harmonium. “Feeling sleepy kya??" Fellow student smirking. “This key…THIS KEY!!!! No no it aint sssssaaaeeeeeee its SSSSSAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAA

Rite now…. I am reading up on Attention Deficit Disorder.


  • At February 14, 2005 5:48 PM, Blogger Prashant said…

    hey! even I can never see the hidden picture in those stupid things... I wonder why people make those.. I think a picture of Om wud be so great without having to do the focus defocus thingi ;)... and believe me, its got nothing to do with ADD :)...

  • At February 14, 2005 6:52 PM, Blogger El Diabl020 said…

    You need:
    1)more coffee,
    if that doesn't work
    2) Less Coffee.

    was going to post more.. getting late for college again.. ..

  • At February 14, 2005 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this post reminds me of an animated .gif fwd I got once..

    this guy is sitting on the loo.. trying real hard to.. *ahem* U know for what.. no.. not the not so obvious.. its the obvious only.. his face is growing red and all.. he's really forcing it.. his face gorws even redder.. POP!!! his head bursts.. and he's dead and gone on the floor.. and.. after that.. well... shit happens!!!

    Man with no Name

  • At February 14, 2005 11:26 PM, Blogger The Cure said…

    I am reading your post and watching TV. A commercial for Strattera has just come on. It is the First Adult ADD perscription Medication. They just said not to take it if you have Blah Blah Blah and that the side affects include Bleeding from somewhere and problems with urinating. If you do have ADD I recomend living with it.

    I also spent the late great Valentines Day alone writing a V-day Bad Advice Column, I don't know about seeing OM or not, Hope you enjoyed the Amazing Race.

  • At February 14, 2005 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ADD!!.....after all the attention i give to u n ur blog!! :P

    n for the OM...better luck nxt time! ;)


  • At February 15, 2005 8:21 AM, Anonymous Phal said…

    I read this book once, a long long time ago, which had this super hot guy who had ADD. Have loved ADDs ever since.

    And yeah, like diablo said, you probably need more coffee. Or maybe less. Or chocolate?

  • At February 15, 2005 11:48 AM, Blogger Elixir said…

    Prashant: *grins* true...n nothing 2 do wid ADD?? da symptoms r making me wonder...
    people make thse coz people have no jobs. And sumthing is better than nothing. We get such things with bubble gums as free thingy.

    Diab: lolz...wat class?? IMTP?? :P:P
    hehe da coffee thing mite help, ill try again wid that!!

  • At February 15, 2005 12:13 PM, Blogger Elixir said…

    MwnN: rotflmao...yeah shit happens if u umm...concentrate?? too hard

    hehe m glad i stopped trying after sum time :D

    Cure: umm...well thankz, ill note wat u said bout da side effects. ni sure m living wid it...IF i have 1. though da symptoms....

  • At February 15, 2005 12:43 PM, Blogger Elixir said…

    my dear SWEET*gagging* purva...
    attention deficit isnt me not getting enough attention. That i do!!! More than my share of attention. *sigh* cant help it..its my charm and u kno it!!
    But its bout me not being attentive..rembr prof teaching n me staring in space...

    Phal: chocolate!!! u are 1 mean lady huh!!! making me grow weak wid lust(errrm talkin bout da chocolate...) make that chocolate cake n u win da certificate 4 da most lovely visitor 2 my blog (but wont share da cake)

  • At February 15, 2005 6:40 PM, Blogger Geetanjali said…

    Me thinks you were probab trying too hard - go back again, throw the lot of them out of the room, take a deep breath and look - I'm sure you'll spot it. If not, go consult someone for that ADD ;-)

  • At February 15, 2005 9:47 PM, Blogger El Diabl020 said…

    ADD drugs... I tell you... its all that weed.. not good for you..

    I tell ya.. Don't do hash and take ADD drugs at the same time, or you'll end up staring at a bad of Kurkure for 4 hours and saying,"Shhhhh.. doooodd... I'm like.. focusing... shhhh.. shit... mann.. grooovy.." ..

  • At February 15, 2005 11:13 PM, Blogger Primalsoup said…

    ADD I am told is a good thing! Apparently all great entrepreneurs were "endowed" with the quality! :)

  • At February 16, 2005 6:04 AM, Blogger la devil said…

    lolz shipz....me thinks u got a prob eithr ways. u cravin for attention n u not payin attention!!

    so derz a deficit in both the cases!i call it double ADD!

    n if u wana retort .....u knw whr to ;)

    -pu.la. (yippee....me blogs tooo!)

  • At February 16, 2005 9:30 AM, Anonymous Phal said…

    Diablo, the hell YOU know bout ADD drugs and weed. thats the bestest combo in the WORLD!

    And chocolate cake it is! from the chocolate lounge at that!

  • At February 16, 2005 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey you!
    can u tell me who got eliminated last sunday in the amazing race??!!
    btw coffee,chocolate(cake) should be had anytime anyday.....they help in all round development;-)
    u take care...

  • At February 16, 2005 2:26 PM, Blogger Darth Midnightmare said…

    lol. Nice post....as far as Attention Deficit is concerned, hey, tell me a solutionj....can;t stay awake more than 5 mins in class :-( (and B-schoolers are supposed to be professional ;-) ).

    And yeah, V-Day...don't talk about it....it was like...women asking me, "You don't have a date?" n me says..."errr....no, what bt u? ;-)" and they go "Errrr..."

    Oh well, life's like that :-D


  • At February 16, 2005 2:38 PM, Blogger Elixir said…

    gee baby: hehe yeah...*thumbs up*


    Primal Soup: NO KIDDING!!! REALLY??!!!?? WOHOW!!!! yyyeeeeeeeeyyy

  • At February 16, 2005 2:43 PM, Blogger Elixir said…

    Purva: da devil...u just cudn't resist, cud u.
    ALRITE PEOPLE!!! PURVA HAS STARTD HER OWN BLOG. Do visit. And dont hesitate 2 rip her apart...!!! errr. her posts.


  • At February 16, 2005 3:00 PM, Blogger Elixir said…

    divs: ohhh ya startd blogging too!!!
    me will check out ur site.

    And all round development ya say?? darn i DO ave an all ROUND development...my trainer will freak out reading bout chocolate cake...hehe

    Johnny Boy: B SKOOL U SAID( hmm my ears perkd up alrite!!)
    Its a good thing ppl say. ADD. sleeping in class? no big deal, just join my club...me da prez thr. Form u'll get offline at ...blah blah blah

  • At February 16, 2005 10:09 PM, Blogger manuscrypts said…

    for your kind attention: just dropped in to say hi... elixir and religion are a pretty heady combo though... :)

  • At February 17, 2005 2:23 AM, Blogger J said…

    Attention Deficit Disorder??? Man, sounds really complex. So i guess i can expect your next post to go OTT :-p

  • At February 17, 2005 5:02 AM, Blogger El Diabl020 said…

    AdD ADDD...
    wel.. as I was saying,,
    drugs and coffee.. err.. no... ADD drugs and weed.. right.. yeh..

    well.//.. NaANANANANANANAN to you to :P ..

    so.. I really figured out that the secret of life is tha.. OH look .. a MOnkey!!!

    HA HA... I like Monkey...

    MUD mud... wohooo!

    I want candy..

    damn fuckin ADD,,

  • At February 17, 2005 7:28 AM, Blogger The God Of Tall Things said…

    weed no good ... try coke instead .... man, that gets you high! ... gotta snort it right, though ... can OD badly

  • At February 17, 2005 7:56 AM, Blogger Ad astra per aspera said…

    After you finish with the reading, mind passing the book to me ?? I have the attention of a seive. *sigh..

  • At February 17, 2005 11:31 AM, Anonymous Phal said…

    yeah, you're just a nut, D. total nut.

    elix, wtf you mean by saying you'll SHARE the cake? you'd better. do you KNOW what chocolate lounge costs???

  • At February 17, 2005 11:37 AM, Blogger Elixir said…

    manu: hi u too :)

    J: hehe it aint all that complex. Just sounds clinical.

    Diab: NO BOOZING/ DOPING/ OR BEHAVING STUPID ON MY BLOG...that is solely my rite!!!!!!

  • At February 17, 2005 11:45 AM, Blogger Elixir said…

    whoa...anan...nice kids dont dope!!! its da job of old frustrated spinster grannies :P

    Astra: awwww...its okie...i didnt finish it yet...will in some days...have to start frm da beginning...BIG book...which i think is kinda silly considering we r reading bout low attention span. *rolling eyes*

    Phal: yep babe...he IS a nut.
    n share...of course ill share...wasnt gonna pehle...but im of generous disposition ya see :D

  • At February 17, 2005 12:11 PM, Anonymous Phal said…

    saali. btw, can i do all the stuff that diablo cant? in the name of female solidarity?

    mail me thy msn on phalgunidesai@gmail.com

  • At February 20, 2005 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Gedding Philosphigal?? Great , seems to have reached the Final stage of realisation ;)

  • At March 02, 2007 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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