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Monday, June 06, 2005

Taggie doing rounds.

Ive been tagged twice…once by Soxy and then by Divs, frankly I didn’t know what it was all about. Chain mail…its like chain mail…but fun hai…toh I decided breaking all rules and *ahem* principles Pay attention SOxy n Divs and just indulging in stupidity, n since there were two both of different kinds, I decided to fill in both or whatever…

SOxy’s taggie was on movies…was really simple…so I like his…I like divs too,

Here goes…

  1. Films I own: here is where I break down n weep. I have two weeks notice, I have unbreakable, dil chata hai,andaz apna apna,

om jai jagdish in my defence…I got it free with the sony musiq system, santoshi maa belongs to my amma,
you;ve got mail, Mona Lisa smile, aitraaz (got it as a gift, yeah yeah the priyanka chopra, akshay kumar, kareena wala) yeah that’s bout it.

2.Last film I bought:
like SOXY said, ive not bought a single film, but I too paid 150 bucks to watch kingdom of heaven *puke* lol I didn’t, my boss did, his treat to us for getting married, him not us.

3.Five films that I watch a lot or mean something to me:
-Andaz Apna apna
-Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge
-top gun- this is the mean a lot to me slotted movie
-Anything and everything they air on HBO, Star Movies, Zee Studio is it?? The one that was MGM pehle…star Gold, star plus…star this….star that…

The THREE THINGS post is pretty stupid, but wth I like it coz here I get to talk bout me!!!
Three names you go by:
Ships, shiproo, shipu, citra…(trust me sum ppl have no respect for your name!!)

Three screen names you have had:
Well well well…if I jus wanted people to pm me on yahoo or msn, id display my mail id and my yahoo profile, oh but a game is a game…*wink*

Currently I am on a_drop_of_elixir HUNKY, SEXY guys take the hint or the id rather ;)

Three physical things you like about yourself:
1. My hair
2. My smile
3. my style (not really but it goes well wid the previous word )

Three physical things that you dont like abt yourself:
1. my feet
2. my butt
3. my ears

Three parts from your heritage:
1.Apparently thr is sum bong blood in my ancestry
2. My nanis gold n solitaire necklace which apparently goes to the eldest daughter of the next gen, na na nana na naaaaa
3. Brains…I guess…

Three things that scare you:
1. Tall guys
2. Lizards
3. Mom (naaahhh!!)

Three of your everyday essentials:
1.internet/ phone
3. deodorant (cmon I travel in Mumbai locals huh!!)

Three things you are wearing right now:
1.Cotton Pjs
2.junk jewellery…(no they don’t go along wid payjamas but wat the heck, I am an cough independent female who defines her own fashion sense *or not!!!*)
3. ketchup stains on the pjz.

Three things you want in a relationship:
1. love
2. lust (hehe, id written sex, I feel so daring!!! I am having breezer, I don’t think u get drunk on that…)
3. forever after…

Two truths and one lie(need not be in order specified)
Ive had a crush on a guy for 12 yrs
I (still) think he is hunky
I am sexy

Three things in the opposite sex that appeal to you:
1.sense o humour
3.boyish maturity…orwatever it is…

Three things i want to do really badly right now:
nothing really, I mean I had to go 2 the loo, but now I am done…is my blog getting a bit too unsophisticated??

Three careers you are considering
umm I dono, something in HR,
Consulting, teaching *God help the kids then* writing perhaps…

Three places where i want to go on a vacation to:
2. Greece
3. Damn this third choice is really bugging now…errmmm oh yeah I kno, Dalhousie, my boss is gone thr for his honeymoon, hehe ;-)

Three kids names that u like
baapi, mishty, babu

Three things you want to do before you die:

Three things eh?? Three is a lil too less, but most imp o em r….
1.have a boyfriend
2.tell everyone I love em, personally
3.uff….bas, I jus wanna do two things outta the million oh no…I wanna adopt a kid.

Three people who u want to take this quiz:
oh any sodding ppl who r having writers block rite now , take it, don’t take….live happy!!

There…I am done. Now whoever wants to take this up is welcome…I don’t wanna fwd it to anyone. But if anyone wants to take it up…u have been tagged!! But jus mention it in your taggie thing…that it was yours truly’s tag that did it *wink*


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