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Thursday, June 09, 2005

My experience of life... Part II

flavours13: ohhh....
a_drop_of_elixir: yeah
flavours13: n do u go to the farms with ur dad????
a_drop_of_elixir: nahi, my cuz does
flavours13: n do u milk cows???
a_drop_of_elixir: my family aint in2 farming
a_drop_of_elixir: yes, i can milk a cow
a_drop_of_elixir: i can even midwife da birth o calfs
a_drop_of_elixir: sumthing like cameron diaz in charlies angels
a_drop_of_elixir: I brought GANGA in2 this world
flavours13: eooowww
a_drop_of_elixir: no no!! dont b disgusted my friend
flavours13: eowwwwwwwwww
flavours13 : its gross.....i saw dat on discovery
flavours13 : do u know what that is?
a_drop_of_elixir : no
flavours13: the discovery???
a_drop_of_elixir: ohh
flavours13: cuz u only seem to watch amche whateva!
a_drop_of_elixir : aamchi maati aamchi mansa, its marathi
a_drop_of_elixir: i dono y ppl think its such a big deal
a_drop_of_elixir :we have cows here, tigers prowl at nites
flavours13 : oh ok
a_drop_of_elixir :wolves whine...its almost da same
a_drop_of_elixir :no1 ever filmed US
flavours13: realllyYyyy???
a_drop_of_elixir :ofcourse whr do u think all da veggies in da burgers come frm??
a_drop_of_elixir : my uncle’s farm!!!
flavours13: ohhhh....i thought the mc's had their own way of test tube veggies or sumthin!
a_drop_of_elixir :no
flavours13 : i didnt know they had to go to the gaon to get it
a_drop_of_elixir : they dont come silly, trucks do
a_drop_of_elixir :big big boxes on wheels
flavours13 : aaahhhhhh
a_drop_of_elixir : when saraswati saw a truck for da first time...
flavours13 : saraswati??
a_drop_of_elixir : saraswati is my neighbour
a_drop_of_elixir : bubbly 10 yr old
a_drop_of_elixir : she thought its armageddon
flavours13: hahahahhahahhahahahha
a_drop_of_elixir : lol
a_drop_of_elixir : gime a min here brb
flavours13 : k
flavours13 : phirrrrrrrrrrr???
a_drop_of_elixir : ahem
a_drop_of_elixir : so whr was i
a_drop_of_elixir : haan, saraswati
a_drop_of_elixir : she came running 2 me
a_drop_of_elixir : im da expert when it comes 2 foreign stuff, city studying you see
flavours13 : (hahahhahaha) hmmmm
a_drop_of_elixir : so she came runnign 2 me
flavours13 : very pardesi u must b
a_drop_of_elixir : yes
a_drop_of_elixir : sumtimes they treat me like im an outsider
a_drop_of_elixir : that hurts i mean... i mite study thr n all
flavours13 : awwww.. hahahahahahehehe
a_drop_of_elixir : phir bhi
a_drop_of_elixir : n now tell me rahul….r u like really laughing or jus plain "hahahahahaha"??
flavours13 : am on the floor
a_drop_of_elixir : oh get up!!!
a_drop_of_elixir :hamare yahan, to be on da floor is 2 respect elders
a_drop_of_elixir : u lay prostrate on da floor, ur mark o respect 2 da elders
a_drop_of_elixir : n im younger 2 u naa
flavours13 : hahahahahhahah
a_drop_of_elixir : i cant take that much honour, jus NOT YET
flavours13: wah wah.....
a_drop_of_elixir : yeah
a_drop_of_elixir : my rural upbringing
flavours13: duh!
flavours13: but....u didnt tell me....what happ to saraswati??/
a_drop_of_elixir : oh yeah, she was like spell bound
a_drop_of_elixir : n heart running, 120 a minute
a_drop_of_elixir : palpitations!!! i thought she;d pass out
a_drop_of_elixir : then i explaind
flavours13 : hahahhahahaha
a_drop_of_elixir : "thr r all sizes" sum r big, sum r small
a_drop_of_elixir : sum have cover, n sum ppl prefer big ones
a_drop_of_elixir : more satisfaction!!
flavours13 : what were u talkin bout???
a_drop_of_elixir : n well small 1 is...
a_drop_of_elixir : i thought id teach her lessons of life also, wid da analogy being vehicles
flavours13 : now i know y most of the kidz frm gaon neva make it big !
flavours13 : well there r exceptionz....like tabu!
flavours13 : i guess thaz cuz she had a pardesi papa!
a_drop_of_elixir :cmon
a_drop_of_elixir : ppl here dont have exposure 2 stuff
a_drop_of_elixir : hmm yeah
flavours13 : n u neva told me.......what do u do weekendzzzz/
a_drop_of_elixir : weekends...
a_drop_of_elixir : we have melas, thr we have fairys wheel
a_drop_of_elixir : n horse ride n cow rides
flavours13 : is der where u "hangout" wid ur palz???
a_drop_of_elixir : yes, it’s the gaon;s background, farms mein
flavours13 : hahahahahah
a_drop_of_elixir : wid a lil bit o knowledge bot things, gurls n guys meet thr chupke se
flavours13 : n they make out too?
a_drop_of_elixir :ofcourse not, not YET
flavours13 : then whennnn????
a_drop_of_elixir : i havent reachd that part o gyaan yet, soon
a_drop_of_elixir : n i plan 2 have live bands n all u kno
a_drop_of_elixir : dhol n shehnai
flavours13 : ohhh ok
a_drop_of_elixir : dholi taro kinda music
flavours13 : hahahahhahahahaahha
a_drop_of_elixir : or mayb more softer ones
flavours13 : rotfl
a_drop_of_elixir : so that when ppl r making out...
flavours13 : goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
flavours13 : stoppppppp!!!!!!!
flavours13 : hahahahhahahhaa
a_drop_of_elixir: lol
a_drop_of_elixir: kya hua??

He…people had enough!!!


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