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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh I Love My Life :D

I take it back. I take it all back!!!
Every whine, every rant, every crib i made last week about my job, my work, the place its located, my collegues, my boss even. Both online and offline.
Coz the simple fact is it rocks!!!! MY JOB ROCKS!!!!
And this is not just coz o all da worldly wisdom and gyaan given by all you beautiful * ahem* people about how positive attitude and good outlook would help me feel good about my work, its because my job is jus fantabulous.

And ill tell you gladly what is it that over these past two weeks made me realise i just might be the most blessed person in the world after ...after...umm...after the most blessed person.
# I start my day at 7 30 in the morning. which is good coz i used to be up by 6 to go to college. sigh college. I miss college man!!!!

# Icome in royal shitty ride all da way to office. Its sooo dusty...da roads!!! U cant take the rick for the same reason. Because by the time you reach office, there is 2 millimeter thick cake of mud on your body. Or the parts (of ur bod) exposed to the relentless sun and heat and dirt!! So you obviously have to take the bus. Bus is cheaper too. actually goin on and stating precisely how cheap it is would be....aah what the heck, its Rs. 4 and 50 paise *grin*

# I come to office and open my dabba...oh yeah!!! I get tiffin from home *implying im jassi types* amd start hogging. Not for anyother reason but the fact that i have no time to eat breakfast because i wake up late.

#Then I open the newspaper. Yes people i read newspapers n all these days. ECONOMIC TIMES!!! no less.

# Now I open my mail box, check stuff...read mails, delete forwards, reply to some...dont blog though. Stil lnot in the groove of actually writing about my innate feelings when there is Akon playing "im so lonely" in the background.

#Finally I decide its about time i start working because at the end of the day...or maybe in the beginning as the case may be here, all those moral science lessons by Ms. Monica Lopez about work being worship and dedication n focus is not lost on me. i always iterate im a achcha bachcha.

By 2. 30- 3, im brain dead. I cant work after lunch. Not for anyother reason but for the fact that the work is soo intense, i just cant do it. And you all know how it is for a novice like me. *sheepish*

So after 3 i officially stop working and remember all the people ivelost contact with, all the net friends who were in my iggy bin, all those other sodding piece of asses who are working and all and sundry I manage to catch online or even on the phone.

So that is how ive been doing since last two weeks. Working, learning grasping stuff and basically slogging my precious ass off.
Now someof my oh-so-dear friends in the blogworld or otherwise wouldnt really agree with me on the slogging part. And here is where I feel I just HAVE to defend myself because Ive more than compensated for the way i have lived my life. So in these 2 weeks, Ive worked more than I have in the 20 years of my existance. And that is a very heavy statement.

Ill spare all the details on the gyaan of how it is like working and the accountablility and responsibility and all that s hit that i thought was all fancy talk and didnt care a f*** actually do exist.
I cant really crib. Seriously. Because then that would make me an ungrateful wretch.
Flawless Comp *who is yet to be christened * and superfast internet connecti0n,
Private phoneline- completely my own...
Coffee five times a day *ghar pe im allowed only 3*
Music on request or get ur own songs funda,
5 days a week job from 9 30 to 5 30
Amazing collegues *n i aint saying this coz more than half o my co workers read my blog ;-)*
A Boss who got married this monday and so is outta town-yet not bossy and is a fun guy. I am talking -taking us out for a movie as a treat of him getting married.* now this is for if he ever reads my posts ;-)*
Zilch pressure as far as work per se goes,
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G scope of learning when I actually decide to honour the concept of work,

And all in all the chance of doing what I think I would wanna do the rest of my life and what I have been doing all along so far- Talking to people, getting to know them, basically flaunting my superior communication skills.
And if people arent absodamnlutely jealous ALREADY!!!! I ahem get to talk to supersexy sounding guys wid superintelligent brains (now that gotta b da clincher)*wink*

Jokes apart, its great for the simple reason that as long as I do what Im supposed to do, no one cares a rats ass to what ELSE I do. And it is not sumthing everyone can boast of, atleast not on their firstest job ever. I suppose a little later, i will be shown the bigger uglier picture, but for now Im content and happy with my life.
Abhi Ive finished my cadburys 5 Star which I might add *offended* does not have the gooey caramel and is not even cold!!!! And i need to go home to my FB who is developing inferiority complex.
So far...it is like a dream come true. oh and...I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! *grin*

Psst: La Devil is inPune, pursuing her higher studies...she people has always been miss brains.She is someone who solves math coz she had nothing better to do. i can safely say this without being killed is because she has no net access for sometime. So she will be back with a bang and a lot o fun stories in a while... meanwhile erratica writes pretty cool stuff too...-ahem this aint marketing...its jus...aah well...


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