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Saturday, September 12, 2015


So... one always needs something to nudge them along.
And I needed a brand new mac to resume blogging.

I dont know if people use blogger anymore, well... given that i am posting right now should mean its still around - whether its thriving... only time will tell.

When i first started blogging, it took me almost a month of continuous writing to get in the groove of writing... it started with inane stuff. And this time around, i dont see why it will be any different. But persistence is the key. And i want to persist on this one. Not for any other reason but to be so much more aware (strike out aware) alert is more like it.
Alert to my surroundings, opportunities, things that are going on or off as the case maybe.

Why be alert? To up my game. I have always been a big fan of implicit learning. And to say it has served me well these last 30 years. (yes! i am now in the BIG THREE O team! Ten years older than when i first blogged) I have very recently learned - implicitly of course, that this will take me only so far. And that to accelerate what i am already good at, i will need to feed the learning with a lot more external matter for my learnings to take shape, for my beliefs to be more rooted and my thinking a lot more sharper.

Hence comes the birthday gift from my dearest husband. the spanking new macbook pro.

I had taken up blogging for two reasons - one, i loved how Sudhish Kamath used to write - "used to" because i had taken a hiatus from blogging and reading other blogs. And two, i was going through a really rebellious phase back then in the early 2000s and needed a place where i had my space and would be unequivocally accepted no matter how ridiculous or radical my ideas were. Turned out i was not as radical as i had hoped or wished to be. Today i am back to blogging because one, i really need to justify the constant whining for a new laptop and because after so many years of doing everything and nothing, i want to go back a few years, do things i used to love doing which I happen to have lost focus on these past years.

These last few years have been a little drifty - (is that a word?) Good drifty. Got settled in marriage, found myself a good job, building on my career, lost a loved one, distanced from close friends, adopting at least 6 cats through the years. Living life exactly the way i wanted... Retrospectively, life doesn't feel drifty, feels like i have been unconsciously laying a solid foundation for a life ahead with the person i am meant to spend the rest of my life with. But did i achieve something ground breaking? No. Was i meant to? I dont know. I am increasingly becoming more aware that childhood with its annual exams every summer felt a lot more meaningful, like there was a more tangible and incremental progress in life. Now it feels like one month flowing into the other, years going by with a few blips here and there.

I am thankful for the fact that the blips are few and far between. Am blessed that way.

But now I feel ready to take on much more, bring back the tangible incremental progress. Make more noise while moving through life. And this blog is one of the many "Resume" i am making. Why resume and not start? That story is for another day.

Till that time... let this post float in the infinite space of the world wide web shrouded in anonymity till i find my anchor yet again...


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